I’m sure your asking yourself, What is CURBSIDE?

CURBSIDE is a gourmet food truck serving the best of the best. We buy from farms here in louisiana, we make EVERYTHING in house, and we serve it with a smile. Our mission is for everyone to enjoy the most mouth watering street food imaginable.
What kind of food?

Our nitch is gourmet street food. We focus on basic American classics, but do them from the ground up. We grind our own meats for hamburgers, we fresh cut fries every day. All our sausages are made in house, as well as our pickles. We strive to source as much product as we can locally. Our bread comes from an artisan bakery in town and the produce comes from a farm in opelousas where everything is grown organically.

Do we have any bacon fans out there? One of our signature “condiment” if you will is something we are calling “pork belly preserves”. We are basically smoking pork belly, cutting it down, and then slow cooking it for hours with shallots, garlic, etc until it turns into a meat preserve. We then take it and slab it on our hamburgers, biscuits, and cheese fries. This is not only the tastiest condiment you’ve ever had but it ensures that unbelievable bacon taste in every bite.

And don’t worry, it took us a little while to let that soak in as well.

Our imagination surely doesn’t stop there. We will also be incorporating menu items that correlate directly with different seasons of the year.

So now that we have covered the “Buy Local and Eat Fresh” part of the slogan, we can now talk about the “think green” side of things. All of our dishes will be served on 100% compostable products. Our cups for the lemonade and other tasty beverages will be 100 compostable. Pretty much everything you eat from our truck will be served on earth friendly materials. Styrofoam is sooooooooooo the 90′s. It’s time for everyone to realize that it’s easy to go green, and once people see us doing it, were hoping they will join in and do the same.

Everything we cook comes from the heart. There is no other reason why we are doing this other than the fact that we love food and love the joy that it can bring to a person.

So we would like to say thanks for checking us out and to get ready for a culinary adventure that is sure to change the way people look at food , more specifically, food from a truck.

Thanks and we look forward to serving you the best street food you can imagine!